The Wine Secret

An adventure that you will remember for a long time...

During a trip, your group of wandering travelers finds an old cellar in a monastery. Its mysterious owner tells you the story of the elixir of life and the legends that surround its current location ... What secrets does the cellar hide? It depends on you to discover.

Note: Minimum age 18

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The Lost Ark

An Ancient mistery is waiting for you...

A story that will take you to a completely different world: a world full of mystery and antiquity, an authentic environment that will help you escape from reality. Play the role of a group of archaeologists following the trail of an ancient secret. Solve the mystery of the enigmatic pyramid. Expect the unexpected!

The Jungle

Immerse yourself in the jungle and discover your wildest side ...

Having heard the mysterious sound of the drums, you and your friends decided to enter an abandoned attic. Upstairs, suddenly you find yourself involved in an unexpected game. Strange sounds and mysterious animals appear from different sides. Not only the result of the game, but your future depends on your steps.

Wild West Train

What could be more interesting than traveling through the Wild West with the cowboys?

Last night you slept with a quiet heart, running through the meadow in America's most advanced and safe train. And what happened in the morning? You found that the driver was gone, and the locomotive is running at the maximum possible speed! If in an hour you do not stop the train, this will definitely be your last adventure!

Palma Escape Rooms

Next to Sant Miquel's church.

C/ D'en Vilanova 8




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